Glenn A. Gettinger

PO 1916
[629 Cherry St. #208]
Terre Haute, IN

CEO / President

River of Light

Every day is a new and unique journey to become real.

I spend some of my time:

  • in front of my computer
  • working on projects
  • consulting and developing concepts
  • as a learning guide for students and mentoring
  • walking or swimming
  • playing my guitar
  • encouraging the health and spiritual well-being of those around me -- Seeking to help others to become real.


  BS 1974 [Math / Psychology / Education minor]

  M.Div. 1978 [Communications / Biblical Studies / Pastoral Counseling]

 20 years as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.

  Programming &working on the Internet since 1981 (now using my 16th personal computer)

  Certificates in Computer Programming, Computer Technology, and Computer Applications in 1996

  Started graduate studies in Electronics & Computer Technology at ISU in 1998

  Started the ISU Consortium Ph.D. Technology Management program in 1999, specializing in Digital Communications

  See Below for other Interests & Skills

Phone: (812) 238-2500

Email Addresses

Business / Ministry

PhD Class work

ISU Students

Eastern Time Zone
Always Standard Time


  • Web Publishing
  • E-Commerce
  • System Analysis
  • Teaching
  • Computer Network & Technology Consultations
  • Web Communications
  • and other forms of Digital Communications.

Full-time CPHD
Student at ISU


 ISU Graduate Fellow


Graduate Instructor


Research Associate


Assistant Webmaster

Communication Interests:

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Computer Specific Skills:

Computer Programming

Basic, RPG, dBase IV, COBAL, C, C++,
Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, HTML

Computer Systems & Networking

Windows, NT, TCP/IP, Networking, Data Communications,
System Development, System Analysis, Web Management

Computer Applications

dBase IV, Lotus 123, Word Perfect, MS Word, MS Office,  Excell,  Access,  Power Point, Electronic Workbench,  Paint Shop Pro 5, Adobe Photo Shop 5.0, Adobe Illustrator, MGI Photo Suite, AutoCad, Adobe Page Mill 3.0, Corell Draw8, Scanning software, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Adeptic CD, CuteFTP, Creative MIDI & sound programs, Macromedia Director, Adobe Premiere, Animation, MIDI & other Video Programs, mIRC, ICQ, Netmeeting, and other communication programs.

Computer Equipment: I have access to most of the computer labs on campus (T1 Internet connection) but I do most of my work at home connected via an ADSL modem.

At Home I Use: a Desktop PC -- 300MHz AMD K6-2 3Dcpu(MMX), 128 RAM, 24Gb HD,
win95/NT dual boot, ATI All-In-Wonder Video Graphics Card, SCSI CDR/CDRW burner,
2 SCSI scanners, Wacom Art Pad / light pen;

A Sony PCG-XG9 Notebook -- 500MHz PIII, 18GB , 128 RAM, DVD, and video graphics package

Plus other digital equipment, cameras, and musical equipment.