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o        Big Words


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College Life

o        Student Advantage



o        Netgrocer

o        NCAA Online

o        Total College Sports Network

o        Greekpages University

o        Greek Zone


o        Collegenet

o        CollegeEdge

o        College Board Online


o        Virtural Reference Desk

o        Dictionary

Financial Aid and Internships

o        FinAid!

o        College Is Possible

o        America's Job Bank

o        CollegeConnection

o        College Grad Job Hunter

o        Jobtrak

o        College Exchange

o        CollegeNet

o        College Is Possible American Council on Educ.

o        CollegeNET - Online College Applications and Free

o        Financial Aid Search

o        Free Search!

o        Financial Aid Tools

o        U.S. Department of Education - FAFSA On The Web

o Home Page College, Scholarships,

o        College Is Possible American Council on Education

o        Financial Aid Resource Center - Scholarships, Grants,

o        Loans for College

o        Financial Aid Resource Center - Scholarships, Grants, Loans for College

o        Citibank Student Loans Financial Aid Information and College Tuition

Study Aids

o        The Internet Public Library

o        Ask an OCLS Librarian

o        Encyclopedia Central

o        Kaplan

o        College Board Online

o        AskERIC

o        Online University

o        Britannica Online

o        Distance Education List of Resources

o        Virtual Online University

o        ThinkQuest


o        American Library Association

o        Boston Public Library

o        Boulder Public Library

o        Carnegie Library of Pittsburg

o        Chicago Public Library

o        Electronic Library Personal Edition

o        Indiana State University Library

o        Inference Find

o        Library of Philadelphia

o        Net Lingo -- Internet Language Dictionary

o        New York Public Library

o        OCLC -- Online Computer Library Center

o        University of Toronto Libraries

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