"Pit Bull"
The essence of freakin' beef!!!  What can be said about 2 1/2 Ton military axles, a 429 Cobra Jet big block, 44" Boggers, NP 205 transfer case, C6 Tranny, exhaust straight out the bed, and a go-to-hell body like that....Awesome (period).  With total lift of, a lot, the '79 Ford body clears the beefy undercarriage with no problem what so ever.  Bob Pershing, who is currently harboring the Bull for his buddy John Young,  simply commented "it'll go."  Bob has two of the baddest trucks in Indiana on his land and the "Bull" is the baddest rig we have ever seen, and we've seen a lot.  Thanks for the memory Bob.

Here's some pics of the "Big Metal"
(click on 'em to get the full shot)
mpg's of the bull in action!