FourWD news
1.  Bryan and Roy sold the Highlander for a mere $1,100.  Date: Dec 20th

2.  They saved their money and borrowed more money to purchase the natorious Pit Bull.  Date: Jan 15

3.  Bird doggin' your trucks.  Date: current

4.  Possible mud slings in West Terre Haute, thinkin' bout puttin' the Bull in it to win back some money.
     Date: current
5.  We about bought a $300 Bradley 10 Ton Winch today... we opted not too so we could get the Bull
      on the road.  Date:  current

6.  Our drunk of a friend, Eddie, mistook two piles of snow in the  Super Wal-Mart P-lot for the exit
     when in reality it was the launch ramp to a new lake formed by rain and melting snow. Dumbass.
     Here are some pics of Hawg Wyld Bryan (Shimmyin) around on top the totalled peugenot.  We had
     to pull it out via the trunk latch hook with Bryan's '93 Pathfinder.  Date: Jan 17  Pic # 1  Pic #2

    --  FourWD needs your trucks!  Remember, the uglier, the beefier, the taller, the better!!!!!  Send 'em in.