Stuck Blazer!
This beast of a rig was also sent in by our man over in OK, James Mace.  He also provided us with a detailed description of this wombat of a rig.  Here is the actual E-mail...enjoy and thanx again!!

 Heres some pics of my old truck STUCK!  I sold it when I built the
Zebra.  Its an 85' Jimmy with a mildly built 350, 700R4, 208, 10 bolts (rear
w/locker) and 39.5 boggers.  It only had 3.73 gears and ate front bearings
about every 1500 miles.  Plus the reason its stuck is the front hub(s) fried
again.  Thats why I have a big block and all 1ton gear now!  Im jealous of
the PITBULLS gear but I havent broken any thing but a U-joint on the ZEBRA
(and the suspension with it,  that wont happen with the hiem joint traction
bars I have now.)  Not many mudders here (rockcrawlers) in Okie but I will
send some pics of  a few that are around here.  Hey lets see some more
action pics.  Maybe you guys can hook the PITBULL up to another truck
(sucker) and get some good pics pulling him around.  The PB rules.       SEE