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NOTICE: FourWD understands that we are in dire need to get some action shots on the page, and we thank you for tellin' us. However, we here at FourWD have to drive around lookin' for trucks bad enough to submit, and most people don't give us the time of day for action shots. Not to fear, we are makin' friends all over and they are tellin' us bout bogs, slings, and down home weekend fun. So don't worry bout that...when we get done shootin', there will be WAY many muddy rigs for your viewin' pleasure. Thanks for your comments. --FourWD

(the tale)
Five years ago Bryan and Roy came across a beater truck for cheap.  Ever since then they have been extreme truck enthusists owning and destroying 5 beaters of their own. Thier love for massive, funtional, rigs with big blocks could only be matched by slingin goopy mud and spending long hours on the trial. So with  this in mind, here is their page dedicated to showing you down-home trucks from all over. You will only find the uglyest, beefiest, and most brutal trucks on the web in this site.  The trucks are real and Bryan and Roy risk prosecution, life, and virginity to bring you these rad rigs! From the slums of Terre Haute to the back country Nado-villes, and beyond, they proudly present FourWD web magazine. don't get no better'an this. 

If you like what you see here and wanna see more powerhouse rockn' & rollin' trucks please e-mail us at the address.  Also, if you have pix of your beautiful beater, send 'em in... we'll post 'em as soon as possible.
Thanx, your pals... Byran & Roy

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