"Grand Prix"
While bird-doggin for trucks one day we spotted this big 76 half ton short-bed justa sittin.  After a little detective work we discovered that it was owned by Mike VanNess of Brazil, Indiana.  This truck is yet another, "daily driver", and ya know I wouldn't have it any other way.  Hoosiers are the most notorious wheelers in America and they take their trucks seriously.  Mike never leaves home without it.  He tells stories of rompin in the corn feild and launchin the rig sky high on the day of purchase.  He had just replaced both driveshafts before we caught him, lucky for us.  The 40 inch, discontinued, Grand Prix's are churned thanks to a four speed bulldog tranny and NP 205 T-case, nestled against a mild 350 SB.  10 inches of lift are achieved thanks to a 6 inch Rancho and a four inch body lift.  Keep on tearin up that beautiful rig Mike.  Thanks.