1. Nado-villes = Trailer parks with white trash running around with about 5 dogs per house. The best place to find every make and model of truck!  (raw raw raw)

2. Double Deee = Daily Driver.

3. Beater = Reamed out truck used for the sole purpose of destroying anything in truck's way, including the truck itself!

4. Beef = Anything that is heavy duty.  ie: Dana 60, NP 205, Big Blocks, Corporate 14 bolt, 44" Boggers, Granny 4 speed, 20 T winch, and any other massive amounts of steel welded together...

5. Yard Ornament = A truck that has been sittin' in the yard so freakin' long that you can only see the hood and top of the cab, even then people won't part with rig.

6. Reckon = You agree with something someone just said, duh.

7. Scumlord, Scumbag, Scumfag, Skallywag = Loser, idiot

8.  Current = Within a week.

9.  Pussyfied = Not beefy.

10. Hello = "What the Hell"

11. Peugenot = A two door spec of a vehicle.

12. Rad = Cool, Sweet, Awesome ect.....

14. Shimmy shimmy shaw shimmy shimmy shank = Fat lady shimmying down
      the steps and/or anything that shimmys i.e. truck out of allingnment, tires outta balance,
      driveshaft outta balance.