This radical beast here is a 79 Ford F-150 (hell yeah!) and owned by  Lewis Ross.  Although this picture doesn't reveal it, the bed has a huge dent in it just behind the cab on the passenger side!  ... On to the stats.  This F-series truck sports an ungly (but beefy) 351 Modified.  Power is moved to the 33" meats by means of a stock automatic transmission then through a full time transfer case known as an NP 203.
These pix here are show off the modest lift, which is a 3 1/2 body lift and nothing else, wow!  Notice the headers bellowing off the the 351 (rusted of course).  The use of chrome on the step rails and on the fenders is an added plus to this rompin' mo-chine.  What we like about this truck is the fact that the owner drives this truck every single day.  If he wants to romo around and act like a kid, he'll freakin' do it.  Jim knows what he's got , but he also has plans for his pride & joy.  The are to swap out the Splot-o-matic tranny for a work-horse 4 speed.  Frankly, Bryan and I couldn't agree more.

(click on the pic to get a full shot)