"600 Horsepower"
This truck is bad. Bob Pershing is a mud maniac.  He has built this Blazer to be a winner.  Bob participates in mud slings and has been successful using this truck.  You don't see too many Blazers with three quarter ton running gear and a small block chevy with close to 600 horse.  Bob has done his motor right using such components as; Dart heads, .450 lift cam. domed pistons, solid lifters, and electric everything.  He aslo has an MSD ignition that sparked the old gas in the tank even though the motor usually has to run on fresh BP12 ultra high octane fuel. The tranny is a turbo 350 with a shift kit coupled with, "suprisingly", an NP 203 full time chain drivin T-case.  All this churns the 36" Boggers.  Bob says he won't run anything but Boggers and we all know why that is.  He's a great guy with a great truck.  Keep up the good work and we'll see ya in the spring.

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below are mpgs of the 600hp settin' 'em up & tearin' 'em down!
Here are 2 clips from the wrath of the small block 350!