This here is a rad-boy 79 Ford F-150 owned by so and so!  She is powered up by a 351 Windsor and has yet another stock auto tranny.  An added plus that we keep talkin' bout is the NP 205 T-case that the truck has.  Like all other F-150's, this one also sports a Dana 44 up front and has a Ford 9 inch bringin' up the rear.  The lift comes by means of a Rancho 4" suspension lift.  The body lift was added at a time when money was short, says so and so.  This is why it is made of wood blocks...!  The truck doesn't like to see the mud too often, but the owner says he likes to romp once in a while, go figure.  The mud is churned up by the 35" BGF's apperaring to be All-Terain.  Other mods would include side markin's off an '89 F-series truck and countless Rebel Flags spewed over the whole truck.