"God Made Chevrolet"
This 66 GMC is owned and operated by Keith Jones Jr. of Terre Haute.  He bought it off his father after a year of nagging him to sell it.  There's not much more that needs to be done to this beauty, 'specially since it is a 1 ton truck.  Keith said parts were way to scarce and expensive for the 66 so he divorced the vintage body and slapped it onto the 76 big metal it now resides on.  Goodies include NP 205 mounted to a granny 4 speed and of course Dana 60 front and 14 bolt in rear.  The lift is provided by 4 inches up front and 6 in the back. What makes this truck the "hard to find kind" is the big block 305 cubic inch six cylinder engine. It was a first for my ears too. The truck also includes a tilt wheel and column out of the 76. Future plans for the beef include adding new finders, camo paint job, and big ol' mudders. Keith said, "All she is is a beefed up tractor."  Thanks Keith, we'll be callin ya'.