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My name is Andy Pflueger and I live in a little town east of Terre Haute called Brazil, IN. I am attending Indiana State University majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS). I plan to graduate December 1999 (just before the Y2K problem hits!!). I sure don't want to be in school when the Y2K problem hits or they might screw up my grades or something. ;-)

I'm currently employed at Ivy Hill Packaging in Terre Haute, Indiana. There I'm in charge of making sure that the network services are running at their fullest potential and that everyone who use the system are free from problems that might come about during the day to day operations. I have done some extensive work creating Microsoft Access database applications to help track information of the company. I currently am working on implementing a database across the entire nationwide company for simultaneous use.

As I mentioned, I'm a student at ISU majoring in Information Systems (IS). My main career objective is to gain a position in IS or IT (Information Technology), basically performing the same duties that I currently am at Ivy Hill. I'd also like someday to become an IS Manager of some corporation. Wouldn't we all like to become a manager someday.

I am presently a member of MISA which is an organization aimed at providing MIS majors with an organization which they can participate in activities outside of the classroom. We recently took a tour of Kimball International's Corporate IS facility in Jasper, IN. The group learned a great deal about how corporations facilitate the needs for IS professionals much like the current MIS majors would like to become someday. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to visit and meet with the personnel of this wonderful company of Kimball International.

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The MIS organization at Indiana State University

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