Enter into Lady Eris' Maelstrom!

I'm afraid my chaotic nature has precluded me from creating a more organized webspace thusfar (Organization indicates boredom). Meanwhile, check these SPOTS.


Nowheresville, that happy place
where all one can say is "Interesting."
Home of the unwanted
Living Dead Zombies
traveling in harmony
to the beat of a dirge.
This is our Origin and Destination;
Traveling Lost Boys,
Sweet and Innocent Jail Bait.
We are the Children of the Night
and we bid you welcome,
join us on our Eternal Quest.

We are the shadows lurking in corners,
Festively playing amidst forgotten Graves,
fornicating freely in Dark Alleys.
We are your Future and your Past
Because that is what We Lack.
Chamelions unnoticed, ignored
By day we remain outcast.
Don't let that Fool You
By Night We Rule.
You Never know where We'll be.

Your Disbelief doesn't phase us.
You see, to Us You are Judas' Kiss
and won't go Unnoticed.
May Our Condemning Predicessers
Rejoice and Behold
All that they have made Us!
We know What We are
and What Others are not.
May You soon come to realize
That Ours is the Truest Reality
and the Wildest of Dreams.

One Last Word in Passing
You will Not soon forget...
Don't Dare Dream
To Fuck with Us or,
Dearies be Damned,
You may Never Wake-Up!