Northwest's B747-400 Fleet and Technical Data

NWA KiddieCard for the B747-400

B747-400 Maximum Weights and Basic Performance Data

Maximum Weights
Maximum Structural Takeoff Weight 870,000 lbs.
Maximum Structural Ramp Weight 873,000 lbs.
Maximum Landing Weight 630,000 lbs.
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 535,000 lbs.
Average Empty Weight - Domestic 394,300 lbs.
Average Empty Weight - Overwater 401,300 lbs.
Average Empty Weight - Long-Range 409,000 lbs.
Maximum Fuel Capacity 360,800 lbs.
Minimum Dispatch Fuel - AFM Limitation 50,000 lbs.
Minimum Contingency Fuel - NWA Limit. 1,000 lbs.
Powerplants PW4056 x 4
PAX Configuration F18 - C106 - Y296
Ship Numbers 6301-6310
Long Range Cruise Speed M0.85
Flight Deck Crew 2 Pilots
PAX Cabin Crew FAA Min.9 Norm.14

NWA B747-400 Fleet Data

Registration Ship No. Model Date MFG SELCAL Remarks
N661US 6301 B747-451 8-DEC-89 EGJP
N662US 6302 B747-451 13-MAR-89 EGKP
N663US 6303 B747-451 26-JAN-89 EGLP
N664US 6304 B747-451 28-APR-89 EGMP Flown NWA11/14DEC94 DTW-NRT
N665US 6305 B747-451 01-SEP-89
N666US 6306 B747-451 18-AUG-89 EHBP Flown NWA12/18DEC94 NRT-DTW
N667US 6307 B747-451 20-JUL-90 EHCP
N668US 6308 B747-451 26-JUL-90 EHDP
N669US 6309 B747-451 20-AUG-90 EHFP Flown NWA750/2MAY95 MSP-DTW
N670US 6310 B747-451 31-AUG-90 EHGP Painted in Worldplane Colors

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