Hi! Thank you for visiting my homepage.

My name is Dimitriy Greshnev.This is my homepage that was created as an assignment for my computer science class. Feel free to explore this page and links which can be in any interest to you. But now let me tell a little bit about myself - this information will also show you why I am choosing these exciting links.

I was born in Latvia (one of the former Soviet republics) and lived there for 16 years. After that I moved to Russia, Tambov city, where I graduated from high school and was admitted to Tambov State University with double major in social pedagogy and psychology. Than, in 1996 I transfered to Indiana State University, USA, where I am a student of social work department.

I will graduate in May 1998 with bachelor's degree in social work and will go back to Russia to graduate school in Psychology.


Here you can get any kind of information about social work.

Here you can visit Indiana State University website.

On this page you can find anything you want about Latvia and it's capital Riga.

Everything about Russia is right under your fingertips.

You can find some pictures of my home city in Russia Tambov. Unfortinately, Tambov is very far away, so it takes awhile for pictures to download.

If you happened to be an employer in social services or any related fields, you can check my resume out.

On this site you will see some of my pictures.

If you have any suggestions about this page, please E-mail me.