When transferring the papers to online format, the footnotes and documentation are lost, so to address this problem, we put together a page of bibliographic references, entitled "bibliorandomness", which is a condensation mechanism (see principle section, essay one) that combines the logic of the bibliography with the random nature of its arrangement within the page and the entire idea of citing the collage is a little odd anyway, and our page is truly a web collage.  Also in this section, we put together our own set of quotes, some of which may be from real dadaists, and some maybe be of our own design, or they may all be a sham, just to put a little flavor into the idea of citing in dada.


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Dada is a well place veneral disease.

Dada is a computer that wonít save my work.

Tech and dada donít mix but they do breed.

If up is down and down is up, then what is sideways?

The boy was a man, and the man was a tree.

To find a sheep, look in a store.

I am insulting your sensibilities, the ones you donít have!

The world is like a box of jelly bellys, the flavors donít make sense.

Inhale the paint fumes, they are good for you.

The EPA says that you can fertilize your lawn with old motor oil.

Marla, she was the sore on the roof of my mouth that would heal, if only I could stop tonguing it.

In reference to the first thing. What was the first thing?  You donít know the thing!

Hey, you get off of my cloud

Diddle do and daisy winks, off to war we go.

Dada: we have culture, we have bacteria, cheeses and big vats of yogurt.

Yep, yep I say, and to all of you yep!

Here I teeter between concrete and shrubbery.