Tue Jun 17 21:03:31 1997 from scca49.indstate.edu
Evelina Hu <huh@coral.indstate.edu

Hi, I really love your Madonna pics and the links for Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington. Good job! I like the format of your page. One more thing---You are really a great friend!

Wed Jun 18 08:56:43 1997 from sccb04.indstate.edu
Lu, Yi-heng <luy@coral.indstate.edu

Hi! Corrine I think your homepage has rich content, I like the part of the homepage which you introduce your hometown. However, it is a nice page.

Mon Jul 7 20:10:59 1997 from scca49.indstate.edu
Bluegirl <cchuh@ruby.indstate.edu

Hi Corrine, Long time no see! I miss your yellow cake. When are you going to make one and send it to me :-9 , maybe via telnet...just kidding...I love the smilie face under your "cool links". Don't be sad, it is not the only good part from your whole page. Seriously, I really like the composition. Well, nice to get in touch with you again. Send me a mail when you update your homepage again. :)

Sat Jul 12 00:22:32 1997 from scca14.indstate.edu
Mike Smith <smithm2@coral.indstate.edu

Looking good! Just can't figure out who those people are, Denzel? Jordan? Mustt be new to showbiz!! Kidding. Anyway, check out my new auction area at /users/moo/board

Wed Jul 16 10:33:11 1997 from

Dear Corrin, I think your web page was the greatest I have ever seen!! and I strongly believe that you should recieve a nobel prize in brilliance for it! I believe you are the most honest and truthful person I have ever met! ...Hey ..wait a minute, why is my nose gr owing so long?

Wed Jul 16 18:34:32 1997 from
Ratih Danisworo <

Corrine, I like your homepage...is really cuttee...Madonna big fans huh? Me tooo!!! Hahahaha... I spot your spelling mistakes...(y'know...I don't have to mention it) :P Hey, if I leave, don't forget to keep in touch with me... Thanks for being a great friend :)

Tue Jul 22 14:53:59 1997 from
Evelina Hu <evelina@mama.indstate.edu

What's up? Something for you....

Hope you like this....

Tue Jul 22 19:18:38 1997 from
Edmond Yaw <edyaw@mama.indstate.edu

Hi Corrine, Your homepage is getting much better and great ! I really like your Whitney Houston's page and links. So please Keep up your great work. Talk to you later.

Wed Jul 23 15:31:59 1997 from
Vivienne <oumav@coral.indstate.edu

Dear Corrin, Please...PLEASE don't kill tweety bird! Kill Mickey Rat...I mean Mickey Mouse instead....he's nothing but a big "RAT" anyway! Have a peaceful and non-violent life. ...(hey who's that psyco Pinocchio anyway? du be do be do!)

Thu Jul 31 00:09:39 1997 from
dexter preddie <preddied@coral.indstate.edu

hi corrine, How keeping? Long time write to you. I see that you have made many of additions to your homepage. It really looks good ,and it makes it even more funky. Love all your improvements... Make mi feel good to see a Yardie a gwaan with things. Well, I dont want to bore you too much, but look forward to see you soon. Much respect ....

Thu Jul 31 13:59:13 1997 from
Snoopy's friend

Have a nice day! nice HP.

Wed Aug 6 16:29:26 1997 from
Jason Thompson <thompsoj1@coral.indstate.edu

Cool page!!!! I finally stopped by your page... :-)

Thu Aug 7 14:05:08 1997 from
Jay <you know it.

hello I just thought that I would drop by and sign this here thang... talk to you later. jay

Tue Aug 12 09:10:45 1997 from
Vivienne  <oumav@coral.indstate.edu

...Forget what I said......KILL the bird!

Mon Aug 25 13:16:24 1997 from
Emily Sih <sihe@coral.indstate.edu

Hi, Corrine! Sorry that I signed your guestbook late! You know that I visit your page quite often, so.. remember to keep updating or I will know you are being lazy... hehe =) I like the way you organized your page. GOOD JOB!

Wed Sep 3 18:36:51 1997 from
Evelina Hu <evelina@mama.indstate.edu

Hi there! Long time no see!!! Are you hiding from me or what? Nothing much for me...just want to give you something...

Sun Sep 21 22:59:25 1997 from
Chappie Chappie <chappelj1@coral.indstate.edu

Hi Corrine. Yi-Ling showed me your home page. It's pretty cool.

Mon Sep 22 14:45:14 1997 from dsi.mids.com
Sola Fajemisin <sodana@mama.indstate.edu

Hi girl, Just wanted to say .."YOU"RE ALL THAT!". I miss you and love you. SAF Stay in the Lord. I LOVE YOUR HOMEPAGE.

Mon Nov 17 23:14:58 1997 from dhcp-bu-131-97.ucs.indiana.edu
Charles Sugiarto <csugiart@indiana.edu

Hello Corrine, how are you doing? I haven't talked to you for a long time. How have you been? How are classes going? Hei, I've got to get going now. Bye

Fri Nov 21 12:31:19 1997 from
John Krutz <krutzj@coral.indstate.edu

From now on, every time I meet someone, I am going to ask if they know you!! Talk to ya later

Fri Nov 21 12:47:47 1997 from
Steve Goodwin <speedy@mama.indstate.edui

Well I have been looking through your page and I wonder where you ever got the skills to do some of this.. Well I think I know, but I won't say..
Anyway you have been doing a great job on the page, and you keep up the good work..

Fri Nov 28 18:15:26 1997 from scca15.indstate.edu
Tunde Fajemisin

Nice Homepage, COrrine. Happy Thanksgiving. Tunde F.

Sat Nov 29 13:47:01 1997 from
Santhana <santhana@mama.indstate.edu

Hi! Corrine, It stopped at your page and it was really great. Actually, I am planning to write a letter to the Microsoft web team to have a look at your page. Just kidding. It was a nice page and I like it. Talk to you soon. Santhana

Thu Dec 18 18:21:13 1997 from scca03.indstate.edu
Heather Collins <kneehigh@hotmail.com

Corrine this is your little sister Heather, and I really love your home page. This is the last time I am going to ask you to help me with my homepage or I will disown you as a sister...o.k : )

Thu Dec 18 18:23:32 1997 from
Gisele M. Rawlins <Rawlinsg@coral.indstate.edu, hotmail.com

Hi Corrine, this is your friend Gisele. just wanted to say that your homepage is wonderful and I will be back.

Fri Dec 19 18:31:32 1997 from
Melvin Timothy Blakely Jr. <safblake@befac.indstate.edu

Keep up the good work.

Tue Jan 6 18:20:58 1998 from
Tad J. Wesley <wesleyt@coral.indstate.edu

Hey Corrine!! Keep up the good work, both here at the lab, and on your web page. It looks pretty good!! Tad

Fri Feb 20 14:17:18 1998 from
Lee Jermial Allen >alias LETHAL20-85 <LETHAL20@HOTMAIL.COM

WZUP wit CHA!!! What it be like? How ya feelin? Hope everything is working out 4 ya. I'm just sittin here wit cha sistah, kicking it laid back wit my lemonade in the sunshine!!!......Naw, for real though I had to talk a little ghetto right quick. Heather is sittin here trying to learn how to talk slang and she is not GOOD!!! One day she'll get the just of the lingo. NO DIGGATY! NO DOUBT! Just kidding. I do not really talk like dat (just kidding, that). Just foolin wit cha. Gotta Luv me, Lee J. Allen

Tue Mar 17 18:16:23 1998 from pub72.indstate.edu
Paul Bhosle <bhoslep@jessi.indstate.edu

Dear Corrine, I did not know you were a Chritian. I really liked your website and the information you put onthere regarding scriptures. See you soon Paul Bhosle

Wed May 20 13:51:42 1998 from ras623.srv.net
Corrine Ellsworth <corrijo@srv.net

I was just looking for people with my name and I found you. I am also very religious, interesting how people with the same name can be alike! Good Luck, Corrine

Tue Jun 16 13:31:03 1998 from
Abiona OluwaseunTitilope <otabion@hotmail.com

Good Afternnon Corrine, This is Abiona Seun you have been hearing about. Sola happens to be my princess. I think that explains it all. I stumbled on your page this morning. It was not Sola at all, I even told her after i had found out about your page. How are you doing? How is our Prince? I mean Uncle Niran? How are your classes? Everything is fine here and we thank the Lord God Almighty for what He is doing in our lives. I want to seize this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for being such a very close and wonderful friend to my Baby. I pray that God Almighty will bless you indeed and enlarge your coast. Amen. Say hi to Uncle Niran for me and IF you want to, Say hi to Sola too. Wait, do you have a nickname that you call her? Please let me in on this secret and if there is none, could you suggest a very good one that will tick her off. Anyway, i have to run. Take care and God Bless.

Wed Jun 24 18:40:12 1998 from
Reuben Cochran <Cochranr@coral.indstate.edu

I really love all the things that you have in your homepage, especially the favorite bible verses and other things that I can't remember right now.

Wed Jun 24 18:43:13 1998 from
Corrine Collins <ccsonia@mama.indstate.edu

Hi there, Like your homepage and all the unique things that you have done. Love "C.C"

Mon Aug 17 07:16:36 1998 from mr-85-248.tm.net.my
Mohd.Nurashura @ Sura B. Abdullah <nor2s98007@netscape.net

Enjoy to seeing your Homepage. How can I create my homepage personally like what are you doing.Please can you tell me about that?

Tue Nov 10 14:06:52 1998 from
Seun <rehoboth3@yahoo.com

How is it going , Girl? I'm all right here. Just trying to while away time, i decided to browse thru your spot on the web.

Tue Dec 1 10:14:48 1998 from dsi.mids.com
Sola  <sodana@hotmail.com

Hi Corrine.. Have a nice day.. =)

Fri Mar 19 14:09:58 1999 from
John Ebert <Ebert@aol.com

My friends tell me they really like how you set up your homepage. Thanks for taking the time to create the kind of worthwhile homepage we've come to expect from the WWW. It really makes me mad when I see a homepage that took about 2 seconds to create and not a lot of work. Keep up the good work! We've come to expect it.

Sat Mar 27 11:45:12 1999 from proxy-526.public.rwc.webtv.net
collins <collins

peace out (peace out from namesake and alumni)

Sun Feb 13 23:33:34 2000 from iplsb104-45.splitrock.net
tjamers <tjamers@themail.com

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