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I am a graduate student in Indiana State University, Terre Haute , Indiana. The name of this state always reminds my own country India and I love my own city ,the City of Joy, Calcutta. The city of Mother Terresa made me learn how to love our own old tradition and respect the same of the others throughout the world.

My loving parents , Kanti Sinha and Krishna Sinha , are the main inspiration in my life.

Back home I completed my Post Graduation ( MSc. ) in Zoology from Calcutta University. Here in U.S.A my major is Life sciences and my research interest is in the field of Neuro-immune interaction of ocular region.

I like to spend my time by chatting with my friends, listening music ( Indian Hindusthani classical ,Gajals , old hindi and bengali movie songs ) painting , eating new food items ,travelling etc. etc..... Among all these I love to sing light classical songs and bengali modern songs. I am crazy about taking pictures of people and nature. You can have a glimpse on some of my collections.

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