This is the one car that although it was in such poor shape, I wished I had kept it. I finally had to junk it, because everthing went bad on it, and I didn't have the cash to finish it. I really regret it now... I probably could have at least had it running again by now. :0)

The most interesting story I have about this lemans is something that has happened to very few rodders. I had just been going 70 miles an hour on the highway, when I turned onto a paved country road that my brother in law lived on. I got up to sixty when I heard the loudest boom that I have ever heard while driving a car. The car fishtailed something fierce, and I eventually, I got the car stopped. I got out of the car, and my heart was racing. Looking at the back end of my car, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The rear end was sitting diagonally underneath the car. While tearing it down, I figured out that 3 of the old suspension pieces had broken, hence the rearend sitting diagonally under the car. I still couldn't figure out why it happened though. Then, I started looking at the rearend. The tires had a bald patch on them. Not all over the tires, but just one wear patch. This peaked my curiousity, and I tore into the rear, starting with the brakes, which turned out to be fine. I took the cover off, and low and behold, the ring gear was in pieces. A chunk had broken off, and it had lodged in the gears, locking the rear up solid. The force of that at 60 miles per hour broke the rust weakened suspension pieces. One of the best rides of my life, let me tell ya. :0)

The stock engine
View from the front.
A side view.