1947 Pontiac

Well, this is going to be my first real project since I graduated from college. That means that it is going to be the first one I do right. I have not yet picked up the car, but I should do so, this weekend. It will go in my own garage. First time ever that I will be able to work on a car in my own garage. I can't wait. Here are some pictures of it as it sits.
*update 7/12/00*
I traded my tbird to a guy for a 73 Pontiac Catalina. This car had a 400 pontiac, and it will be the motorvation for the 47. I have removed the steering system, the power break booster and pedal assembly, the entire wiring, the gas pedal assembly, and several other pieces, including some switches and the seats from the Catalina. I hope all the parts work!
The 47 is now in my driveway. I spent today cleaning out the interior. I took the seats out, and vacummed out 4 mice nests, and 2 ant nests! I pulled out the rotten headliner, and all the door panels, as well as some of the door pieces. I then removed the front bumper and the extension that is behind it. The bumper was the easy part! I also had one of Three River's finest here to check the vin, so I can title it. Very busy day it was!
*update 7/22/00*
Well, today, I pulled the front clip off the car, and I realized how bad the grille is. I also got one of the rear fenders off. I also took the metal pieces that surround the inside of the front window, and I took out numerous screws out of the dash, but I didn't get much done as far as pulling parts out. ONe more thing. Thank god that you don't have to take the hood off!
*update 7/23/00*
Well, this was another busy day. I took of the other rear fender, pulled the dash and everything in it out, pulled the driveshaft, and I pulled the motor and trans. Basically, the car is now a body shell, and I just have to take out the clutch pedal and brake pedal, and then I can start putting it back together.. All cleaned up of course.
*update week of 7/23/00*
well, this week, between sleeping from being tired from chemo, I painted the rear quarters, the trunk, the trunk floor, the firewall, and the front frame. I also removed the steering column and steering box, and the brake and clutch pedals.
*Update 8/5/00*
Well, today I started on the other rear fender. I found alot of body damage, so it took me most of the day to take the bondo off it. I forgot to mention that last week I also cut the holes for the wiring, and I mounted the brake pedal assembly, master cylinder and power brake booster. I test fitted the steering column today, and I modified it a tad bit to make it fit better. I then painted it. I also mounted the dash back in the car. It is starting to come together.
*update 8/11/00*
Today I started filling body seams. It is looking good. I have gotten started on the driver side rear quarter. I have taken the moulding off around the windows.
*update(finally!) 10/23/00*
Well, it has been a while since I updated this. I have put on quite a few new pics. I have the rearend in the car, and the seat is mounted. The car is slowly coming together. I am going to convert to disc breaks soon, with the aid of a friend from Sweden.

*update(finally!) 3/8/01*
Well, I got the parts from my good friend in Sweden, and the swap worked perfect. I got the car in Wisconsin, and I am ready to start working on it again. By the pics, you can see how it has progressed. I have secured a few more parts for it. I have probably spent 400 on it since the move. I will add that to my total, and I will get back to listing it as I did before.

*update(a long time!)7/6/01*
Well, I haven't really done all that much to this car because of the Cutlass buildup that I started. I figured I would try to make some money with it. As for the 47 I have done very little to it recently. I have the portion of the fender extentions that are under the door back on, and the passenger side extension. I found some new side mirrors on ebay, and well, that is about it. Oh, did I mention that my brakes are now completely finished?

Actual costs:
$800.00 Purchase of the car
$070.00 Hauling of the car to Three Rivers
$600.00 Catalina for parts(estimate)
$013.00 Purple lights that I will use for turn signal indicators
$013.00 3 cans of purple engine paint.
$002.00 1 quart of oil for keeping the engine from rusting while on the stand.
$280.00 new cam, double roller timing chain, oil pan bolts, intake bolts, gasket set
$050.00 Paint and sandpaper
$100.00 Rearend from a late 70's firebird
$200.00 Parts from 2 yards (door latch, headlight doors, 49 Pon taillights.
$050.00 More paint and such.
$400.00 Miscellaneous items
And now, some pics. Cindy isn't in the pics because she is behind the camera.
The car as I originally got it.