BaDmAsH ('badthmaash), a. and v.
Hindi word. Meaning; Naughty, Sly, Mischievious.

Who the hell is this BaDmAsH anywayz ?
Ok ppl, my name is Sanjay Babur....if you can't pronouce it, just call me Jay. This Sindhi popat is a proud citizen of Mumbai (amchi mumbai). Well I was born there, but have lived in the Sharjah, UAE all my life.
You might ask, where the fuck is this UAE, well it is a country bordering Saudi Arabia....no the gulf war was pretty far from me. Well there u see it, where I stay. Currently, I'm in Terre Haute, IN. You never heard of it....guess what I had never heard of the damn place either. Well, is Terre Haute a party town.....Not !!!. This is like the worst place to get stuck. Anyway...enuff dissing Terre Haute, I'm an Insurance major (your yawn here !!), what the hell is insurance. Well, insurance is my ticket to the big bucks, buddy !!! I'm a senior and I will graduate this December, (I'm going to say that again, I will graduate, I will graduate. I am going to need all the support i can get

You ain't gonna believe this, but this kewl dude is graduating at the very young age of 20, yes folks, I will graduate when I am twenty years, three months, two days, and 43 minutes old.
I transferred into Indiana State Universityafter getting my associate degree in Business Adminstration from Sharjah College.

Anywayz...Sheikh BaDmAsH Inc. is a new firm out on the internet....and will provide you with the best products and services ever !!!!

Sheikh BaDmAsH has gone all over the world, visiting, preaching and gathering donations, here is one of the best gifts presented to Sheikh BaDmAsH.

Help the cause, the task of serving Humanity....your donations are welcome...please send your checks to :-
Sanjay Babur,
212 Hines Hall,
Indiana State University,
Terre Haute, IN 47809
Don't forget...your ever so generous contributions are tax deductible !!

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