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CHAPTER 31 UTS UNIX Workstation Support

31.2 Software

University Technology Services has site-licensed software from Sun Microsystems for Sun SPARC hardware. This software can be borrowed from the Information Center (Baker 508, 2-2626).
ProductNumber of LicensesCurrent version for OS VersionLicense Manager Required
 Solaris 2.X

(SunOS 5.X)

Solaris 1.X

(SunOS 4.1.X)

SunOS1500Solaris 2.5SunOS 4.1.4No
Encryption Kit1500Solaris 2.5SunOS 4.1.4No
Wabi15002.1Not Avail.No
Sun PRO FORTRANUnl4.03.0.1Yes
Sun PRO PascalUnl4.03.0.3Yes
Sun PRO C++Unl4.14.0.1Yes
Sun PRO CUnl4.03.0.1Yes
SPARCworks iMPactUnl3.0Not Avail.Yes
Sun PHIGSUnl3.02.0No
SunNet ManagerUnl2.
Sun NeWSprintUnl2.52.2No
Sun PC-NFSUnl5.15.1No
Sun PC-NFS-ProUnl2.02.0No
ShowMe TV TransmUnl1.11.1No
ShowMe TV RecvrUnl1.11.1No
Sun SDK, includes: Documentation, ToolTalk, Messaging Service, Federated Naming ServiceUnl2.5Not Avail.No
 SunPEXUnl3.0Not Avail.No
 XILUnl1.2Not Avail.No
 Motif Development KitUnl1.2.3Not Avail.No
 Kodak Color Mgmt ServiceUnl1.0Not Avail.No

For DEC workstations we have Ultrix 4.4, Digital UNIX 3.2 (formerly OSF/1 3.2) (for Alpha) and the DEC applications FORTRAN, DECNet, SQL, and DECFUSE. Also, on CD we have the Ultrix Consolidated Software Distribution (2 CDs), and DECwindows for OSF/MOTIF V1.1.3. You need to buy into the CSLG program to have access to this software; contact Chuck Sechler, 2-4843, for details.

For SGI workstations we have IRIX 5.3 & 6.2 and the Varsity Pack software. OS maintenance and the Varsity Pack software need to be purchased through the Bookstore. For details contact Bob DeBula.

This and other workstation software we have are available through the Information Center Additional software includes: OSF/Motif 1.2.2 source, DECwrite for Sun workstations, Maple V.3 for most workstations of interest, NCAR graphics, NQS, SAS 6.11 for Sun and HP workstations, and WordPerfect 5.1 for Sun workstations. Of these, only SAS and WordPerfect have a cost involved.

SunOS software patches can be obtained from Sun Support by Workstation Support staff. When obtained these are put up for anonymous ftp on wks.uts.ohio-state.edu:/pub/sunpatches.

IRIX software patches can be obtained from SGI support by Workstation Support staff. These patches and other SGI related information can be found via anonymous ftp and www on araminta.acs.ohio-state.edu.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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