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CHAPTER 30 Summary of SunOS/Solaris Differences

30.2 SunOS 4.1.X and 5.X Administrative File Differences

The following table lists some of the important files that have been changed.

Administrative Files
SunOS 4.XSunOS 5.XComments
/boot/ufsbootBoot program.
/etc/auto.master/etc/auto_masterAutomounter configuration file.
/etc/auto.home/etc/auto_homeAutomounter configuration file.
/etc/exports/etc/dfs/dfstabFiles shared by NFS and RFS.
/etc/fstab/etc/vfstabTable of files to mount.
/etc/gettytab/etc/ttydefsTerminal definitions.


Shadow password file is now used.


Database of printer and terminal characteristics.

Directory of printer information.



The /etc/rc#.d subdirectory scripts are now used, which each rc# script and rc#.d directory controlling the run-level #.
/etc/termcap/usr/share/lib/terminfoDatabase of printer and terminal characteristics.
/etc/ttytab/etc/inittabTable of services to be started by init.
NA/etc/safDirectory of SAF services.
NA/etc/default/loginDefaults for login. Root login limited to console.
/usr/share/man/usr/share/manMan page organization has been changed. System administration man pages are in 1M. You can set an environment variable to specify the order of search for directories and sections.
/var/spool/mail/var/mailMail spool directory.

/platform/\uname -m'/kernel/unix

The hardware independent UNIX kernel.

The hardware dependent part of the kernel.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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