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CHAPTER 29 Secure Shell, SSH

29.2 SSH Programs

The SSH package includes the server program, r-program replacements, a program to generate and register the keys, and a perl script to probe and report the public keys of hosts on a network or DNS subdomain.
Ssh Programs
sshdServer program - listens for connections from client machines, authenticates the connection and starts the service
sshClient program - used to send remote commands (rsh replacement) of remotely login (rlogin replacement) to another machine
sloginSymbolic link to ssh replacing rlogin
scpCopy files to another machine (rcp replacement)
ssh-keygenCreate authentication keys for hosts and users
ssh-agentAuthentication agent - holds RSA authentication keys
ssh-addRegister new keys with the agent
make-ssh-known-hostsScript to probe hosts on a network for their public keys. Used to populate /etc/ssh_known_hosts.

29.2.1 - Usage
29.2.2 - Debugging

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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