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CHAPTER 27 World Wide Web

27.6 Home Page

To complete your service you'll want to set up a Home Page on your server.

You'll need to know a little bit about HTML and the following primer will help you get started:


A good style guide can be found at:


A simple home page could be something like this one, which you can find on http://wks.uts.ohio-state.edu, with the following HTML:



<body background = "/icons/paper.jpg" link="#0000ac">


<!--Owner_Info="Frank Fiamingo, University Technology Services">

<LINK REV=MADE HREF="mailto:fgf+@osu.edu">



<A NAME="loc0"></A>


<CENTER><IMG SRC="/icons/uts_wks_logo.gif" ALT=""></CENTER>



<A HREF="http://www.eff.org/blueribbon.html"><IMG SRC="/icons/rib_bar_wh.gif"></A>



<A NAME="loc1"></A>

<CENTER>University Technology Services Workstation Support Group</CENTER></H2>

<P> <A NAME ="loc2"></A><DD><A HREF="/uts_wks_people.html">Staff members</A> are available for appointments to demonstrate software, help

with machine installations, and give general system support. They are usually

available weekdays between the hours of 8A and 5P. UTS workstation support is

usually provided on a "second-level" support basis. Your primary

platform (or machine) support person within your department should be

contacted initially.

<P>The UTS Workstation Group provides campus-wide support services for

the workstation platforms listed below. Please select the platform in

which you are interested to obtain more detailed information on the support

services which are available.


<LI> <B><A HREF="http://araminta.acs.ohio-state.edu/"> SGI IRIX</A></B></LI>

<LI> <B><A HREF="/sun/home.html"> Sun SOLARIS & SUNOS</A></B></LI>

<LI> <B><A HREF="http://axpjob.acs.ohio-state.edu">DEC ULTRIX & OSF/1</A></B></LI>

<LI> <B><A HREF="/sysadm_course/sysadm.html">

Unix System Administration Course Notes </A></B></LI>

<LI> <B><A HREF="/unix_course/unix.html">

Unix Course Notes </A></B></LI>

<LI> <B><A HREF="/basic_unix_guide/unix_guide.html">

Basic Unix Survival Guide </A></B></LI>

<LI> <B><A HREF="inventory.html">Documentation</A></B></LI>




<P>The University Technology Services Workstation Support Group is housed

in the Baker Systems Engineering Building, Columbus, Ohio 43210

and can be reached via ...



<DD>Phone: (614)292-7802

<DD>FAX: (614)292-7081

<DD>Internet: fgf+@osu.edu


<A NAME="loc6"></A>


<ADDRESS>Maintained by: <A HREF="/uts_wks_frank.html">Frank Fiamingo</A></ADDRESS>


<ADDRESS>(The services referenced here are constantly being updated.

For more complete information contact the author.) </ADDRESS>



When you find a page you like on the Web you can use your browser to display or save the HTML for the page, allowing you to learn from the examples you view. When viewed by Netscape this page looks like:

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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