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CHAPTER 27 World Wide Web

27.5 Setting up your Server

For our example we'll use the Apache httpd server. After retrieving the source from the reference above check out the README and src/INSTALL files for installation and configuration information.

To compile your own daemon uncompress and un-tar the source tree and edit the default control files in the conf directory: srm.conf, access.conf, httpd.conf. Then edit the src/Configuration file to select a compiler to use, options, and the modules to include. Some things you might change:

CC= cc or CC=gcc



AUX_LIBS= -lsocket -lnsl or AUX_LIBS=

Module agent_log_module

Module referer_log_module

Module config_log_module mod_log_config.o

You can set the paths for the various services, control files, and log files in httpd.h. Some examples of entries you might change are:

#define HTTPD_ROOT "/usr/local/etc/httpdČ

#define DEFAULT_ADMIN "[no address given]" --> "webmaster"

#define DEFAULT_PORT 80

#define DEFAULT_XFERLOG "logs/access_log"

#define DEFAULT_INDEX "index.html"

#define ACCESS_CONFIG_FILE "conf/access.conf"

27.5.1 - Compilation of the programs
27.5.2 - Configuration

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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