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25.2 SunOS 5.X

25.2.6 Configuration Files

The configuration files for the print service are kept in /etc/lp and the spooling directory is /var/spool/lp. These files are described in the following table.

Configuration Files and Directories
/usr/lib/lpdirectorycontains LP daemons, filters and interface programs
/etc/lp/Systemsfilelist of remote hosts registered with the print service
/etc/lp/defaultfilename of default destination
/etc/lp/fddirectorycontains filter description files
/etc/lp/filter.tablefilefilter table
/etc/lp/logssymlinkto /var/lp/logs, for the usage log
/etc/lp/printersdirectorycontains a sub-directory for each printer
/etc/lp/printers/<name>/configurationfileconfiguration for the printer <name>
/var/lp/logsdirectorylog files for the print service
/var/spool/lp/SCHEDLOCKfilelock file for lpsched
/var/spool/lp/system/pstatusfilecurrent status of print service
/var/spool/lp/tmp directoryspool directory

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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