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25.2.5 Print Commands Status

To check the status of the printer and jobs submitted use the lpstat command. Some of the options available to this command are:

-a report whether print destinations are accepting requests

-c report names of all classes and their members

-d report the system default destination

-o report the status of output requests

-r report the status of the LP scheduler

-R report the position of the job in the queue

-s print a status summary, including scheduler status, default destination, classes and printer known to the service, etc.

-t report all status information (-s option plus the acceptance and idle/busy status of all the printers)

To report the status of the printers:

# lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default destination: lp
system for lp: tardis
lp accepting requests since Tue Dec 22 11:10:02 EST 1992
printer lp is idle. enabled since Tue Dec 22 11:10:02 EST 1992. available.

So to check if the scheduler is running:

# lpstat -r
scheduler is running

With no options lpstat prints the status of all the user's print requests.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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