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25.2.4 Printer Configuration Installing a Local PostScript Printer

To configure a local PostScript printer there are two changes to the above procedure. One is that the content and type are specified as PS, and the other is the installation of PostScript filters.

1. Change the ownership and set the permissions on the serial port:
# chown lp /dev/term/a
# chmod 600 /dev/term/a

Add the printer and associate it with a port
# lpadmin -p printer_name -v /dev/term/a

Associate a content and printer types with the printer
# lpadmin -p printer_name -I PS -T PS

Register the PostScript filters with lpfilter
# cd /etc/lp/fd
# lpfilter -f download -F download.fd
# lpfilter -f dpost -F dpost.fd
# lpfilter -f postdaist -F postdaisy.fd
# lpfilter -f postdmd -F postdmd.fd
# lpfilter -f postio -F postio.fd
# lpfilter -f postior -F postior.fd
# lpfilter -f postmd -F postmd.fd
# lpfilter -f postplot -F postplot.fd
# lpfilter -f postprint -F postprint.fd
# lpfilter -f postreverse -F postreverse.fd
# lpfilter -f posttek -F posttek.fd

Allow the printer to accept requests and enable the queue
# accept printer_name
# enable printer_name

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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