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25.2.4 Printer Configuration Installing a Local Printer

To configure a local printer perform the following steps.

1. Change the ownership and set the permissions on the serial port:
# chown lp /dev/term/a
# chmod 600 /dev/term/a

Add the printer and associate it with a port
# lpadmin -p printer_name -v /dev/term/a
-p specifies the printer name, and
-v specifies the device used by the printer
This registers the printer name with the print service.

Associate a content type with the printer
# lpadmin -p printer_name -I simple
-I specifies the content type.
If you don't specify the content type simple is assumed, meaning that printer can only deal with ASCII contents.

Associate a printer type with the printer, if necessary. This is used by the interface program to initialize the printer before downloading a request
# lpadmin -p printer_name -T proprinter
-T specifies the printer type

Allow the printer to accept requests and enable the queue
# accept printer_name
# enable printer_name

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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