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CHAPTER 25 Print Service

25.2 SunOS 5.X

SunOS 5.X uses the System V print service, as does HP-UX, which is considerably different from the SunOS 4.X/BSD version. It offers more power and flexibility, has additional commands, and is a little more complicated to set up. This setup can be considerably simplified by using the Print Manager Facility of admintool.

The compatibility package for SunOS 5.X provides the SunOS 4.X print commands, but they actually just forward the request to the new print service. The /etc/printcap file and the lpd daemon are no longer used. The printer capabilities are now defined within the terminfo database, and locations are defined within the print service configuration files. The new print service includes a large set of administrative and user commands and a new set of daemons.

The new print service can interoperate with both System V and BSD printers, it has PostScript filters bundled in, it supports alternate character sets and more flexible job scheduling. Additionally, it can group similar printers into a class and can restrict printer access for individual users.

When a print request is received, the file is not spooled by default to the queue unless the "-c" options is given. The service detects the format of the job by the filtering software, and if necessary, the file's contents are converted to match the printer. The service keeps track of every job submitted and allows the user and system administrator to move, stop, or remove the job. When problems occur the service provides the system administrator with the error message. The print service coordinates both local and remote printers.

The print service can distinguish between a printer and a destination for the request. Previously these terms were synonymous. This allows you to group similar printers into a class, so that the request can be forwarded to any available printer within the class.

The terms used by the new print service are:

25.2.1 - Print Scheduler
25.2.2 - Print Filtering
25.2.3 - Printer Initialization
25.2.4 - Printer Configuration
25.2.5 - Print Commands
25.2.6 - Configuration Files

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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