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CHAPTER 24 Useful Utilities

24.7 ProCtool

ProCtool is a process monitoring and management tool developed by a couple of Sun engineers, but not officially supported by Sun (Walter Nielsen, walter.nielsen@west.sun.com, and Morgan Herrington, morgan.herrington@west.sun.com). There are versions for Solaris 2.2 and above. It provides the functionality of ps, top, iostat, and much more in a graphical presentation under Open Look. It will continually update the display by sampling the kernel tables. Among it's many features are: report on all active processes (sorted by choice of characteristic); turn off or on CPUs on an MP box; kill or renice selected processes; send signals to a set of processes; report on VM and I/O usage, and paging rate and memory map, etc.; and graph system characteristics. ProCtool can be obtained via anonymous ftp from sunsite.unc.edu in /pub/sun-info/mde, or locally from wks.uts.ohio-state.edu in /pub/proctool.

The desired characteristics for display are setable with the View pop-up window under Viewpoint and include the following options:

The Properties/System Properties pop-up window is:

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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