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CHAPTER 24 Useful Utilities

24.3 Swap space and kernel inode usage, pstat

pstat lists the contents of certain system tables kept by the kernel. Its available only with SunOS 4.1.X, e.g.:

% pstat -T
301/1888 files
694/946 inodes
83/522 processes
16/ 32 files
14232/88296 swap

where it shows the file table, both the used and cached inodes, process table, stream table, and used and available swap space (in Kbytes). With the "-s" option you can get a little more information about swap space, e.g.:

% pstat -s
10968k allocated + 2648k reserved = 13616k used, 74680k available.

The "swap -s" command of SunOS 5.X will provide similar information.

There are other options to pstat to provide further system information.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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