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CHAPTER 22 Adding Clients

22.5 AutoClient

Solstice AutoClient software comes with Solaris 5.5.1 on the same CDROM as the AdminSuite software. Both these applications should be installed. You can use either the Solstice Host Manager tool or the /opt/SUNWadm/2.2/bin/admhostadd command to add the client. First setup the OS Server; again, this can be done with the Solstice Host Manager tool. If you're using NIS be sure to setup a timezone map with entries of the form:

hostname timezone or domainname timezone


nis_domain US/Eastern

The admhostadd program lets you specify the same type information you would fill in the Host Manager. Use it in the form:

admhostadd -i IP_addr [ -e ethernet_addr ]

[ -x type=host_type ] [ -x tz=timezone ] [ -x term=type ]

[ -x fileserv=file_server ] [ -x root=directory ]

[ -x swap=directory ] [ -x swapsize=size [ -x disconn=Y|N ]

[ -x install=Y|N ] [ -x installpath=server:/path ]

[ -x bootpath=server:/path ] [ -x profile=server:/path ]

[ -x os=version ] [ -x diskconf=configuration ]

[ -x ns=NIS|NIS+|NONE ] [ -x domain=domain|rhost=host ]


As with the diskless client you need to make sure that your /etc/ethers and /etc/bootparams files (or the NIS(+) equivalent maps) are properly setup and that the OS server properly shares the files needed by the client.

The AutoClient can then be booted from the network similar to a diskless client, e.g.:

ok boot net

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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