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CHAPTER 22 Adding Clients

22.2 Server configuration and software

A server can be of the same (homogeneous) or different (heterogeneous) architecture from the client(s). If different it needs to have the executables for the client architecture installed in addition to it's own, e.g if you have a sun4 server with sun3 and sun3x clients you need to have:

/export/root client root partitions /

/export/swap client swap files swap

/export/exec/sun3 Sun3 client system files /usr

/export/exec/kvm/sun{3,3x} client kernel files /usr/kvm

/export(usr)/share files shared by all systems, e.g. man /usr/share

/export/sun3/local locally compiled programs for Sun3/3x /usr/local

Under SunOS 4.1.X if your server was not installed as a heterogeneous server you can add different architecture executables to the server by running the program /usr/etc/install/add_services along with the appropriate install tapes/CDROMs for these architectures. Add_services is a menu-based program that sets up a system as a server for an additional architecture or to add additional software from the release tapes/CDROMs.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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