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21.3.6 NIS+ Setup SubDomain Server (Non-Root Master)

The root and master servers can be the same machine.

1. Become a client of the parent domain
# domainname wks.acs.ohio-state.edu.
# domainname > /etc/defaultdomain
# cp /etc/nsswitch.nisplus /etc/nsswitch.conf
# nisinit -c -H <domain server hostname>
-c initializes an NIS+ client
-H hostname specifies hostname is the trusted server

Start the daemon in non-secure mode
# rpc.nisd -S 0

Make the directories for the databases
# nismkdir -m <subdomain server name> wks.acs.ohio-state.edu.
-m hostname create the directory with hostname as the master server

Restart the NIS+ daemon
# ps -ef | grep rpc
# kill <pid>
# rpc.nisd -S 0

Setup the NIS+ tables
# /usr/lib/nis/nissetup wks.acs.ohio-state.edu.

Add data to the tables
# cat <file> | nisaddent -a <tablename>

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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