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21.3 NIS+

21.3.1 Domains

The NIS+ domain is composed of a directory object and all of it's children. The NIS+ namespace is made up of all the domains below the root directory. Each name is composed of a series of characters separated by a (.). These character sequences are known as labels. The label furthest to the right is closest to the root of the namespace. The (.) name is reserved to indicate the global root namespace; the root directory name always ends with a (.). NIS+ names are not case sensitive.

The root server is the server for the root (.) domain. There is only one root server for a domain.

A master server serves a domain. A master server is a client of the server directly above it in the hierarchy.

A replica server is a copy of the master server, formerly known as a slave server. This provides redundancy for the service.

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