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CHAPTER 21 Network Information Services (NIS and NIS+)

21.3 NIS+

SunOS 5.X provides an enhanced version of NIS, NIS+, that is upwardly compatible with NIS. The new service provides for a hierarchical name space, similar to that used by the Internet. This allows for a distributed authority mechanism. User's can be given access to an entire database, or just particular entries within a database. Administrators can be restricted to changing files only within their domain.

NIS+ propagates only changes in the maps, not the entire map. This allows for much faster updates. Entries are changeable anywhere on the NIS+ network. You don't have to be on the server to change the maps.

The authorization model for NIS+ is similar to that for the UNIX file system. Each item in the namespace has an access rights list associated with it. These rights grant access to owner of the item, group owner of the item, and all others.

21.3.1 - Domains
21.3.2 - Objects
21.3.3 - Names
21.3.4 - Authorization and Authentication
21.3.5 - Configuration
21.3.6 - NIS+ Setup
21.3.7 - Credential Setup

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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