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20.7 NFS statistics

20.7.1 netstat

netstat can be used to show the per-protocol statistics with the -s options, e.g. on SunOS 4.1.X:

# netstat -s
0 incomplete headers
0 bad data length fields
0 bad checksums
0 socket overflows
21392 packets sent
13925 data packets (1565473 bytes)
23 data packets (901 bytes) retransmitted

If udp reports socket overflows then increase the number of nfsds, as user processes aren't draining the sockets quickly enough. Typically a SunOS 4.X server starts, by default, 8 NFS daemons. On some systems it may be more appropriate to have 12 --> 20 nfsds.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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