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19.4 Network Programs

19.4.2 Logical Interfaces (SunOS 5.X)

SunOS 5.X allows the use of multiple logical interfaces for each physical network interface. So a single physical connection can have more than one IP address. The physical interface must first be "plumbed", to make it visible to ifconfig e.g.:

# ifconfig le0 plumb

Then the logical interfaces can be configured using the device_name:logical_unit_number format, while retaining the logical unit number 0 for the default physical interface. Valid logical unit numbers are 1 through 255. So to set the first logical interface do:

# ifconfig le0:1 IP_address up

Each logical interface can have its own network address, netmask, etc. Then create the file /etc/hostname.le0:1 containing the desired hostname for that logical interface. It should then automatically be configured after each reboot.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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