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19.1.5 File System Mounting, SunOS 5.X Default File System Types

When using the mount command on the command line the default file system type for local operations is specified in the file /etc/default/fs, with the LOCAL parameter, and is set to ufs, i.e.:


For remote file systems the default is specified in the file /etc/dfs/fstypes, and is set to nfs.

When using the mount command these defaults are assumed unless otherwise specified, e.g. by using the -F option:

# mount -F file-type file-system mount-point

The actual mount command used and the available options are determined by the file-type specification. The man pages for mount_ufs, mount_nfs, mount_hsfs, mount_rfs, and mount_tmpfs describe the options available. The actual commands are located in /usr/lib/fs under subdirectories named for the file-types.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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