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19.1 Network Initialization

19.1.1 Configuration Files

The configuration files are in the /etc directory. Some of these are shown in the following table.
Configuration Files
SunOS 4.1.XSunOS 5.XDescription
aliasesaliases -> ./mail/aliasessendmail aliases file
defaultrouterdefaultrouterIP address of the default router
defaultdomaindefaultdomainNIS(+) domain name
hostname.xxxhostname.xxxhost name for the xxx interface
hostshosts -> ./inet/hostshosts file
hosts.equivhosts.equivfile of equivalent hosts
inetd.confinetd.conf -> ./inet/inetd.confconfiguration file for /usr/sbin/inetd
NAnetconfignetwork configuration database
netmasksnetmasks -> ./inet/netmasksnetmask value
NAnodenamehost name for the system
NAnsswitch.confconfiguration file for the name service switch
remoteremoteremote host description file for tip
resolv.confresolv.confconfiguration file for domain name service
sendmail.cf./mail/sendmail.cfsendmail configuration file
servicesservices -> ./inet/servicesInternet services file

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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