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CHAPTER 19 Network Administration

19.1 Network Initialization

On startup the RC scripts are run to configure the system and the network interface. Through these scripts the system mounts it's local file systems and those it will use over the network. SunOS 5.X uses the scripts in /etc/init.d when the system enters run level 2. Scripts such as rootusr, inetinit, inetsvc, sendmail, rpc, nfs.client, and nfs.server start and stop the network services.

19.1.1 - Configuration Files
19.1.2 - /etc/bootparams
19.1.3 - File System Mount Options
19.1.4 - File System Mounting, SunOS 4.1.X
19.1.5 - File System Mounting, SunOS 5.X
19.1.6 - File System Mounting, IRIX 5.X
19.1.7 - File System Mounting, Digital UNIX
19.1.8 - File System Mounting, Ultrix

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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