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CHAPTER 17 Service Access Facility

17.8 Summary

In summary we have the following tables for the SAF commands and control files.
Command Summary
Command NameDescription
sacadmsac administrative command to add, remove, disable, enable, and monitor port monitors
pmadmservice administration command to associate a port monitor instance with the service to be provided
ttyadmprovides ttymon specific information, such as port device name, to the pmadm command
nlsadminprovides listen specific information, such as the server that will answer requests, to the pmadm command

File Summary
File NameDescription
/etc/saf/_sysconfigsystem configuration script
/etc/saf/_sactabsac administrative file to configure the port monitors controlled by sac
/etc/saf/<pmtag>directory for the pmtag port monitor
/etc/saf/<pmtag>/_pmtabadministrative file to control the port monitor configuration for the services provided by pmtag
/var/saf/_loglog file for sac
/var/saf/<pmtag>directory for the log files created for pmtag

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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