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17.7 Terminal Control

17.7.3 Changing Terminal Definitions

The sttydefs command is used to maintain the terminal definitions file. This command can add and remove line settings and use hunt sequences in the ttydefs file. The change options can only be used by root, but anyone can use the -l option to display the entry for a particular label, e.g.:

% sttydefs -l 9600
9600:9600 hupcl:9600 sane hupcl::4800
ttylabel: 9600
initial flags: 9600 hupcl
final flags: 9600 sane hupcl
autobaud: no
nextlabel: 4800

The options available to sttydefs are:

-l display matching ttylabel
-a add a record using the ttylabel
-b enable autobauding
-n specify the nextlabel value
-i specify the initial-flags value
-f specify the final-flags value
-r remove the record for ttylabel

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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