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17.7 Terminal Control

17.7.2 Terminal Definitions

The terminal definitions are contained in the /etc/ttydefs file. ttymon uses this file to configure the terminal and set the baud rates for the ports. The ttydefs file contains fields for the following:

A few of the entries in the ttydefs file are:

38400:38400 hupcl:38400 sane hupcl::19200
19200:19200 hupcl:19200 sane hupcl::9600
9600:9600 hupcl:9600 sane hupcl::4800
4800:4800 hupcl:4800 sane hupcl::2400
2400:2400 hupcl:2400 sane hupcl::1200
1200:1200 hupcl:1200 sane hupcl::300
300:300 hupcl:300 sane hupcl::38400
auto:hupcl:sane hupcl:A:9600
console:9600 hupcl opost onlcr:9600 sane::console
pty:9600 hupcl opost onlcr:9600 sane::pty

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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