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CHAPTER 17 Service Access Facility

17.7 Terminal Control

SunOS 5.X uses the System V terminfo database for terminal control by default, not the termcap file of BSD. The termcap file and its associated utilities are provided with the compatibility package, but are not intended for general use.

The serial port naming convention has been changed for SunOS 5.X. It now allows for more ports. The device names of SunOS 4.X are still there as symbolic links to the new names, e.g. /dev/ttya is a symbolic link to /dev/term/a, which is a symbolic link to the physical device, /devices/zs@1,f1000000:a.

When logging in stty and tput are used to configure the terminal I/O values to match the characteristics expected for the terminal.

17.7.1 - The terminfo database
17.7.2 - Terminal Definitions
17.7.3 - Changing Terminal Definitions

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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