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CHAPTER 15 Package Administration

15.6 Digital UNIX and Ultrix

Both Digital UNIX and Ultrix use setld to install system software. Mount the CDROM, change to the desired directory, e.g. /mnt/RISC/BASE, and run the setld command, i.e.:

# setld -l

You will then be prompted for the packages to load.

Software can be loaded from disk, CDROM, tape, or over the network from an install server.

A log is kept of the transactions in /var/adm/smlogs/setld.log (Digital UNIX) or /etc/setldlog (Ultrix).

You can use the fverify command to verify that the specified files have the correct files size, checksum, user id, group id, mode and file type as the installed file. /usr/lbin/fverify (Digital UNIX) or /etc/stl/fverify (Ultrix) will check the databases in /usr/.smdb./*.inv or /usr/etc/subsets/*, respectively, for the inventory files.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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