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CHAPTER 15 Package Administration

15.5 IRIX 5.X

IRIX uses the software installation tool, inst. It can be invoked either from the command line, or in standalone mode from the miniroot. In the latter case we saw some examples in the Chapter on OS Installation. At the command line you can invoke inst either with command line options, or in interactive mode, e.g.:


Default distribution to install from: .

For help on inst commands, type "help overview".

Inst Main Menu

1. from [source] Specify location of software to be installed
2. list [keywords] [names] Display information about software subsystems
3. go Perform software installation and removal now
4. install [keywords] [names] Select subsystems to be installed
5. remove [keywords] [names] Select subsystems to be removed
6. keep [keywords] [names] Do not install or remove these subsystems
7. step [keywords] [names] Interactive mode for install/remove/keep
8. conflicts [choice ...] List or resolve installation conflicts
9. help [topic] Get help in general or on a specific word
10. view ... Go to the View Commands Menu
11. admin ... Go to the Administrative Commands Menu
12. quit Terminate software installation


inst keeps records of where software is installed in /var/inst.

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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